When our fathers crawled out of the underworld to settle the desert area near the Great Painted Canyon, the Eagle, protector of the skies, welcomed them.

Dre has waited twelve summers to become a man in his clan, but during the ceremony the chief banishes him. Will he die in the desert? Dre sees a golden eagle following him and discovers the great bird is his recently deceased father returned to him as a spirit guide. More trouble awaits from a neighboring clan, and Dre scrambles to survive in the world.

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Becoming Free, A Woman's Guide to Internal Strength

Free yourself from the skewed perspectives stemming from archaic childhood beliefs. These youthful misconceptions can serve as barriers in adulthood to keep love and positive energy at arm's length, denying you the quality of life you deserve.

This book will guide you through a step by step process with specific assignments at the end of each chapter to help you enhance your quality of life.

Christy Monson has accomplished a masterful task of translating that which is most often written about conceptually into step-by-step directions on how to live a satisfying and productive life!

Margaret Johansen, PhD, MFT, Author of the upcoming book, Beat The Relationship Odds

From relevant life examples, to practical resolutions, Christy recognizes women's challenges and provides feasible step by step guides to "become a solution focused person." An empowering workbook that is extremely valuable in its simplicity.

Robyn Buttars, RN

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Family Talk: How to Organize Family Meetings to Solve Problems and Strengthen Relationships

Christy Monson, a retired family therapist, provides in simple language concrete examples and clear language to family success through family councils.

While families are diverse and their needs are unique, a family council provides a safe and strong environment for every family to discuss issues and explore the best ways to have the family succeed. A family council is not just any meeting. It's a special event that provides a background and foundation to create healthy family synergy. Monson teaches families what a family council is and what it is not, why it's a perfect environment for teaching, for exploring difficult issues, learning how to play, and how best to solve problems at home, school, or work.

Christy Monson's straightforward, easy-to-understand guide will help families of all sizes and types, through the communication and caring that comes from great family councils. Learn how councils work and how to easily implement them. The author's expertise as a former family counselor and successful mother shine through in this offering. Highly recommended.

Margot Hovley, Author of The End Begins: Sudden Darkness, With Wondering Awe, and The Sower

Praise for Family Talk

The Family Council Guidebook is a vital and necessary addition to every home. In this day and age when emails, chat rooms, and staring at computer screens are rapidly replacing real-time interaction, what better corrective could there be than a guidebook to how to talk with one another in meaningful, productive and healing ways. Christy Monson knows what she is talking about. It is a great blessing that she is sharing it with all of us.

Ben Bernstein, PhD, author of Test Success! and A Teen's Guide to Success

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Lessons From My Parents: 100 Shared Moments that Changed Our Lives

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you began to appreciate the stories and lessons your parents might have shared with you? Perhaps it was a moment quietly working when your father told you of his painful experience during WWII; or when your mother taught you about beauty while picking daffodils for her neighbor; or when in a moment of tragedy you recall how your parents handled something so difficult with such poise and strength that it helped you go on? Our culture and our history is created through personal stories, whether funny or sad, light or difficult, poignant or profound. Lessons From My Parents has collected 75 such stories from writers from across the world and shares them in this seminal work celebrating the life lessons we learn without even realizing it.

Familius is a publishing company focused on helping families be happy. Launched in 2012, Christopher and Michele Robbins founded Familius to take advantage of their love of publishing, family and the unique opportunity created during the technological revolution and Great Recession.

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Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen

This is a book about love and light and is meant to help children everywhere begin the process of healing from tragedy.

Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen aims to help children find safe ways to express their feelings when bad things happen. A beautiful two part message is embedded at the core of this lovely book. It proclaims: "Love chases away hate and light chases away the dark."

To my mind, the book accomplishes what the author set out to do and so eloquently states in her book: "Love chases away hate and light chases away the dark."

Drienie Hattingh, former resident of South Africa

The story has a great feeling to it — a warm, calming, friendly — but serious — feeling. It is told in a very simple way, but I think it tells a big story. I believe this is a book that every family will have use of in their house.


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Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond... Part I

Historic 25th Street is a living character in this anthology. We see it in its violent youth, its seedy downfall, and its resurrection as the historic center of a vibrant present. The scandalous former residents push into the present, whether they are wanted or not.

Susan Squires, New York Times Best-Selling author of Companion series, Da Vinci Time Travel series and The Children of Merlin novels

Two-Bit Street and Beyond is a delight—a collection of short stories that bring to life the creepy past of Ogden's historic 25th Street. Curl up and enjoy a wonderful read.

Stan Trollip, International award-winning best-sellers: A Carrion Death, Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu and Death of the Mantis

Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond is a fast-paced read chock full of the history of Ogden, its colorful past, and the ghosts and spirits whose legends, tales, and stories still entertain, thrill, and chill us even today.

Marley Gibson, Author of the Ghost Huntress series and The Other Side: A Teen's Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

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Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond... Part II

Tales from Two-Bit Street and Beyond... Part II consists of 13 tales, based on legends of Ogden, Utah's Historic 25th Street. This infamous street came into being with the opening of Union Station during the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. The original Union Station burnt down in 1923. During the early 20th century, 25th Street was THE place in Ogden. In between family-owned shops and restaurants, ice cream parlors and hotels there were bootlegging, gambling, narcotic sales and prostitution. The rich history and spooky legends are where the Two-Bit-authors found the fodder for their stories. The stories are scary, funny, melancholy and sometimes a bit racy.

A great read from beginning to end. I can only hope this is a Part III

Stan Trollip, Barry Award-Winning Author of Death of the Mantis

From a 1920's train accident, to an avid knitter who receives help from a mysterious woman, to a ghost who is in love with a café owner, each story is charming, entertaining, and at times even creepy. Tales From Two-Bit Street and Beyond is a perfect blend of thrills and surprises.

Heather B. Moore, Best of State and Whitney Award Winning Author

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Texting Through Time: A Trek with Brigham Young

When 12-year-old Micah "borrows" his father's experimental time-travel phone, his dreams of seeing the future are dashed as he and his sister, Alicia, end up trapped in the past at Brigham Young's boyhood home. Their only hope is to text through Brigham's life to find the answer that can get them back to their own time.

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Texting Through Time: John Taylor and the Mystery Puzzle

When Micah and his sister, Alicia, take their father's time-travel phone to visit John Taylor's boyhood home in England, the battery is low. They must solve a mystery puzzle to return to their own time. Will they lose power and be trapped in the past before they find the key?

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